EnerVista Launchpad

EnerVista Launchpad 5.05

Access, manage and control Multilin products
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Support and manage Multilin products detected in your system. Automatically recognize the currently active configuration and check relevant manuals, access settings files and optimize the imported data, ensure updating and installation of various fixes.

The EnerVista™ Launchpad software is a powerful toolset used for the complete support and management of Multilin products.
Support applications including product software, manuals, and setting files management used to ensure your important files are kept up-to-date and easily accessible.

Site Management allows you to properly maintain your asset and devices by providing real-time diagnostic data and reports.

Main features:

- Provides a simple and intuitive method for configuring all Multilin devices
- Ensures setup software, manuals and other support documentation is available to you and is always up to date
- Supplies all the tools necessary for analyzing faults to get your equipment back up and running
- Provides Asset and Device management capability at the click of a button
- Configure and access all your Multilin devices from a single application
- Create and edit setting files offline or real-time
- Manage all of your support documents
- Provides an intuitive device health logic tool

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